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    Patricia Wilcox

    Does anyone know how to get the pins from the hat into the voodoo doll and the drumsticks to the drum in a HO from Dollhaven: Breath of Darkness?

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    What happened to the game :  addiction solitaire

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    josele proveaux

     i paid for this game in feb. now i can;t play nor can i find it

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    Kaye Johnson

    How in the blue blazes do I find the games I used to play?  I don't know what happened to Shockwave in the recent couple of months, but nothing is the same.  I had several games saved in "my favorites" and played them several times a week.  My hard drive died and it took several weeks for me to get it back, and learn how to maneuver it and get a few things going again.  It used to look more user friendly, but now, when I sign in, it looks very plain and boring.  Where's the games? 

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