How to disable your adblocker:

Adblockers can disrupt the functionality of the site and games so we always recommend turning these off to play our site. Please scroll to your browser to see how to disable adblockers.


1. Select the puzzle piece in the right-hand corner of your browser

2. Select Manage Extensions. 


Alternatively, you can skip step 1 and 2 by typing this into your URL to go directly to extensions: chrome://extensions/

3. Look for Adblock or other extensions like Malwarebytes that could be blocking ads.  Find_Adblocker.jpg

4. You will see a light blue toggled to the right indicating it is on. adbock_blue.jpg

5. Toggle it to the left and it should change to white. adblocker_3.jpg

6. You will need to refresh the page or reboot your browser to adjust to the new settings. 


While on our site, in the finder bar at the top, can you click, "Safari" then click "Settings for this website"

Then uncheck the box that says, "Enable Content Blockers." 


1. Click on the menu (3 lines) in the upper right corner. Then select Add-ons and Themes. 


2. Select extensions in the left-hand panel. Then check under "Enabled" for any enabled adblockers. There are several types of Adblockers like Adblocker Lite, Adblocker Plus, and Malwarebytes that could be disrupting the functionality. Toggled the blue knob to turn it off. You may need to reboot your browser or refresh the page to note any differences.



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